The Caves of Hotton and their magical atmosphere

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Considered one of Wallonia's most exceptional natural heritage, the Caves of Hotton are the only ones in the region to be fully protected. The visit of this geological masterpiece, 65 metres underground and awarded 2 stars in the Michelin travel guide, is adapted to children.

Imagine exploring galleries of impressive size, looking over a 30 metres deep sinkhole, admiring drapes made entirely of stone, hearing the thunder of the torrent... The visit offers a full palette of colours and shapes when it comes to rock formations.

Fun for the little ones

Animations will be organised for children and will be adapted to their age range: a fantastic way for them to learn about the caves in a fun way! This includes a slide and a unique caving trail in a network specifically designed for their full safety.





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Minimum duration1:00
Maximum duration1:00



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