The belfry of Thuin, listed by Unesco

  • The belfry of Thuin, listed by Unesco
  • Monument
  • Architectural heritage

Listed by UNESCO for its remarkable VIIth century architecture, the belfry of Thuin, guarantees a stunning panorama of the region. Visitors get the opportunity to watch a movie retracing its story.

Follow the guide to discover its carillon, composed of 25 bells, as well as its two main bells, lovingly called Maria and Paula. One you reach the top of the tower, 40 metres high, you will find 4 turrets, each offering a different view over the valleys of the Sambre and Biesmelle. Mesmerising to say the least.

The movie screened in the belfry presents the renovation of the building. Additional panels, in Dutch, English and French, will tell you more about the UNESCO certified artisans and their incredible work.




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