1960s computers | Computer Museum NAM-IP

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From Saturday 27 October 2018 to Sunday 30 June 2019.

At a time where smartphones, digital tablets and other miniature tech gems are all around us, it's difficult to picture the space the very first terminals would have needed in the 60s. Have a look at these impressive machines at the Old-inateurs des sixties exhibition at the Computer Museum NAM-IP.

Computers, at the time, would only have been used by big componies or public institutions. Proximus was still, then, called R.T.T (Régie des Télégraphes et Téléphones or Telegraph and telephone administration) and had just received the Gamma 60, one of the first centralized computers. Two whole floors are deciated to the machine: one to the system, the other, in the basement, as it needs to cool down.

The newspapers called it an administrative revolution. Think about it: the Gamma 60 could print 3,600 invoicing lines a minute and read 900 characters a second on a perforated strip.... both at the same time. Visitors will aloshave a change to admire the scale model of the machine room when it was first set in the RTT.



From Saturday 27 October 2018 to Sunday 30 June 2019.
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