Around and About

Why not visit the former Carmelite monastery which now hosts the Photography Museum ?

The museum covers the entire history of photography from its birth until the digital revolution. It offers glimpses into the field of aesthetic research, the struggles of humanists and various artistic movements, and explores the development of photographic technique. A Discovery Area offers a fund and creative approach to the art of photography, with many different forms of entertainment.  

The Bois du Cazier is the location of a mining disaster that took place on 8 August 1956, when 262 men of 12 different nationalities lost their lives. 

The Glass Museum traces the origin and history of glass, the development of its use, and its decoration, composition, and many applications today. The museum houses a remarkable collection of glasswork from ancient times to the present day -  from urns and blown plates to contemporary sculptures, including the highly ornate glass of Venice; the scintillating crystal of the 19th century; the delicately etched glass of Germany and Bohemia and the splendours of Art Nouveau. Temporary exhibition rooms, a library and audiovisual documentaries provide extra insight. 

Fond of tasty beers or spirits?

Check out the Brasserie du Val de Sambre or enjoy a delicious eau-de-vie at the Biercé Distillery.