The Autrucherie du Doneu: exceptional birds in Rochefort

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At the Autrucherie du Doneu, you will meet ostriches: the largest but also fastest birds in the world. They happily frolicking in our fields, in the province of Namur.

The farm also produces a range of delicious products, al in a traditional way: filet, smoked ham, steak, pâté, carbonnade, saucisson made from ostrich meat. There even is a beer called The Ostrich! All products are on sale on site.

Did you know ? The ostrich can exceeds a speed of 100 km / h. In the wild, this is actually its best defense. An ostrich can also kill a lion with one kick alone. Although it cannot fly, its life expectancy can reach 70 years, a little less in captivity. Its meat is one of the leanest available,



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