Carnaval des Blancs-Moussis - Laetare à Stavelot

  • Discover the carnival of Stavelot and its Blancs-Mousis, in the province of Liège
  • Folklore and Tradition
From Saturday 10 to Monday 12 March 2018.

Particularly symbolic and traditional, the "Blanc-Moussi" means "dressed in white". Meet this character in Stavelot in March 2018.

Originally the "Blanc-moussi" is a makeshift disguise, consisting of a bed sheet and a white pillowcase. Completed by a mask with a carrot nose he quickly acquires in Stavelot a whole other meaning and serves to parody the monks of the 15th century, to whom to celebrate the carnival had been banned. Whites-Moussis roam the city with their dreadful irreverent posters, and in the afternoon they emerge from the procession aboard their tank, bombarding the crowd with confetti and flogging the public with their pork bladders!


The festivities begin on Saturday evening with a procession full humour and lights and a carnival ball at the abbey.

The big Sunday procession begins at 2 pm with all  the magic of the show. At the end of the procession, Rondeau des Blancs Moussis (Place Saint-Remacle) and tide of confetti. Podiums at the abbey with fanfares, harmonies and bandas. At 9 pm: big fireworks followed by the "Nuit blanche des Blancs Moussis" in the cellars of the abbey.

On Monday afternoon, individual release of musical and folk societies.

A  must visit carnival in the purest tradition!


From Saturday 10 to Monday 12 March 2018.
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