Carnival - The Cavarmé de Malmedy

  • Folklore and Tradition
From Saturday 02 to Tuesday 05 March 2019.

Le Cwarmê is the name of this carnival and translates into 4 days of festivities. Come celebrate the 560th edition, in Malmedy, in February 2018.

This Cwarmé is ingrained in the heritage of the community of Wallonia-Brussels with festivities as follows: While the 4 Thursdays preceding Mardi Gras are punctuated by the multiple balls and processions, the Saturday marks the official opening of the Cwarmê.

With the release of "the big police" announcing the festivities, the Trouv'lê receives a grain shovel from the burgomaster symbol of renewal and will reign on the city until Tuesday evening.

The Sunday gras, particularly known for its great procession and its dance of the "Haguètes" (the main characters of the carnival) who agitate their "happe-chair".

The Mardi Gras is mainly marked by the "Mâssis Toûr": a hike of the carnival societies. The burning of the Haguète at the end of the day sounds the end of the Cwarmê and the winter.

Note that dancing parties take place in all the city's cafés during the 4 days of the carnival.

The programme

Saturday of the Cwarmê

In various corners of the city, announcement of the opening of the festivities by the "Grosse Police" & Grand cortège folklorique.

Sunday of the Cwarmê "

Dance of La Haguète "- Mesnie do l'Haguète.GRANDE PARADE CARNAVALESQUE with the participation of numerous companies, bringing together the famous traditional masks

After the procession - Great "CURRENT BASEL" - carnival of the streets

Monday of the Cwarmê

Day of "Roles", Satirical magazines played on moving scenes, procession of actors.

Mardi Gras

Individual release of the companies and in the evening, burning of the Hagueta


From Saturday 02 to Tuesday 05 March 2019.

The procession will take place on the Sunday at 2 pm and will leave from Place de Rome.

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