Carnival of Binche - Les Gilles de Binche

  • Folklore and Tradition
From Sunday 03 to Tuesday 05 March 2019.

Traditional Carnival Recognized as an Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. More than 900 gilles await you in Binche, in February 2018.

Come and discover a folklore event from a long oral tradition that is a true ritual and gives participants the feeling of being a truly unique event. In any case, for the Binchois and according to the consecrated expression, "There is only one Binche in the world" ...

Programme 2018


From 9am, the city will be animated by transvestites, violins and drums.
From 15h, starting the procession will start from Place Eugène Derbaix


From 10 am, you can accompany the youth orchestra on the viola.
From 4 pm, the Rondeau de l'amitié will take place on the Grand-Place.
From 7 pm, come and see the magnificent fireworks display on Place Eugène Derbaix.

Mardi Gras

At dawn, Gilles, Peasants, Pierrots Clowns and Harlequins animate the city.
From 8:30 am, wearing a wax mask and a reception at the Hotel de Ville.
From 15h, the Cortège and rondeau take place on the Grand-Place.
From 8 pm, procession to the lights and rondeau.
From 9.30 pm onwards, the Grand-Place is set on fire.


From Sunday 03 to Tuesday 05 March 2019.
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