Château de Petit-Leez

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Built in the 17th century, enlarged and slightly modified in the 18th and 19th centuries, this farmhouse testifies to Mosan architecture which once had around a square courtyard the buildings constructed of traditional materials such as brick, stone blue and slate. For a few years now, this castle has also gained a privileged place in a field other than art since it houses the Dieleman gallery specializing in the sale of sculptures. At Petit-Leez Castle, architecture, sculpture, painting and art of the gardens unite to present an artistic selection that juggles not only with time but also with space since the African continent represented mainly by Zimbabwe, comes to join Europe.
Group: free or guided tour.Price of a guide: € 50, - Duration of the visit: 1h30-2h. Guided visit possible from Wednesday to Saturday.Possibility of group packages at the Luc Bellings restaurant.
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