The Cwarmê: Malmedy's carnival

  • Folklore and Tradition
From Saturday 02 to Tuesday 05 March 2019.

Le Cwarmê is a fantastic carnival stretching over 4 days of festivities. This event, well ingrained in the Walloon tradition, is famous for its fascinating masks: no less than 15 different characters.

The program

Saturday: the "Giant Police" open the festivities, followed by a folkloric procession

Sunday: dance of the Haguètes (the main characters of the carnival) and the Arlequins, followed by a large procession (with over 2,500 persons in costume and traditional mask).

Monday: named day of "Roles", satirical scenes played in the street followed by a procession

Mardi Gras: day of the Mâssis Tour, a procession gathering the many carnival guilds. A character named the Hag`guète will be burnt on the bonfire at the end of the day, thus closing the festivities.



From Saturday 02 to Tuesday 05 March 2019.

The procession will take place on the Sunday at 2 pm and will leave from Place de Rome.

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