Experience the Battle of Waterloo at the Wellington Museum

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Located at the heart of the town of Waterloo, the Wellington Museum offers the perfect introduction to a visit of the famous battlefield. Indeed, this former inn was the Duke of Wellington's headquarters during the battle.

History enthusiast?

Explore the museum, audioguide in hand, and learn about the uniforms and weapons of that page of history.

What if Napoleon had won Waterloo?

Napoleon was born 250 years ago. Join us in celebrating by visiting The Emperor's bivouac, a temporary exhibition as close as possible to historical details. It will be on until September 1, 2019.

The tents, including his campaign furniture and some of the objects he liked to have with him, have been recreated.

The Wellington Museum for families

  • Notebook for children with riddles to solve and even a souvenir to take back home
  • Free for children under 10




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€ 6.5
€ 6.5
The entry fee includes an audioguide. Free for children under 10. The entry prices do not include access to temporary exhibitions (separate fee). Groups: 25 persons max. per guide.



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