The Fort de Loncin, a unique memorial of the Great War in Liège

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The Fort de Loncin is considered the symbol of the Battle of Liège and of Belgium's heroic stand against the German in 1914.

Just a few kilometres from the centre of Liège, the Fort remains an exceptional memorial, untouched since its part destruction during the First World War.

The fort exploded on 15 August 1914 hit by a canon nicknamed the "Big Bertha". It had succeeded in resisting the German troops 11 days at that point.

The shell which destroyed the fort measured 42 cm and weighed 800 kg: it buried 350 people in the process. Only 150 brave souls made it alive.

Relive the fort's explosion and the soldiers' daily lives

Fort de Loncin features many insights onto the daily lives of the young soldiers stationed there, waiting for war.

Aside from visiting the quarters, showers, cells, officers' mess, General Leman's quarters, visitors find themselves transported back to August 1914, bombings included. They will learn the workings of the fort's turrets, presented on plasma screens, relive the explosion through a realistic re-enactment and are invited to pay their respects at the memorial to the soldiers who lost their lives in this historic location.

The Fort de Loncin Museum

The museum showcases a collection of rare, curious and stunning objects such as period weapons, uniforms and personal effects found on the site.



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