Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose

  • Hôpital Notre-Dame at the Rose de Lessines
  • Hôpital Notre-Dame at the Rose de Lessines
  • Hôpital Notre-Dame at the Rose de Lessines
  • Hôpital Notre-Dame at the Rose de Lessines
  • Museum & discovery

Situated in the province of Hainaut, near the city of Tournai, this hospital is a unique witness to the way medieval hospitals operate.

In this mysterious place, you can explore 20 rooms in which there are precious and authentic works of art, medical instruments from another age, rich pharmaceutical collections and a garden filled with medicinal plants.

Founded in 1242 by Alix de Rosoit, the Notre-Dame à la Rose Hospital is one of the last examples of an autarkic hospital site complete with its farm, its gardens, its cooler and its cemetery, next to the conventual and hospitable buildings.

This Hotel-Dieu is exceptional because of the state of conservation of the whole site, the diversity of buildings and the richness of the artistic, pharmaceutical and medical collections presented in their authentic setting.

Free visit with audio guide or tablet.

During your visit to the hospital, don't miss the cloister garden.



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Prices for children from 6 to 12 years. Senior awards (age 60). Student price (over 12 years old) / teacher card / card S / jobseeker: 7 €



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