The Labyrinthe de Durbuy: the perfect place for a family day this summer

  • The Labyrinthe de Durbuy, an off the beaten path theme park in Belgium
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Fun, family friendly, off the beaten path: the Labyrinthe de Durbuy is a unique theme park in Belgium and a wonderful place to spend a summer day with the children. A fantastic adventure set in nature awaits.

The park adopts a new design, a new story every year, thus introducing new decors and characters to wow the visitors all over again.

What's on this summer

Tarzan's coming to the Labyrinthe de Durbuy this year. Adventure lovers can analyze prints and clues left throughout this giant labyrinth, following the hero from one liana to another in this jungle recreated amidst the corn fields. Thrills guaranteed.

One maze but several adventures

Aside from the thrilling pursuit through the maze, brought to life by actors, another challenge is proposed: the path of 13 tests.

Sharpen your senses and look for clues. This will be quite the challenge: solving a giant Chinese puzzle, keeping your balance while walking on wooden logs and more.

A giant slide

A few thrilling seconds, starting from the top of the observation tower to finish in the maize fields.

A maze for the little ones

This safe play area was designed for children 3 to 8 years old.

Doors opening onto the dark side

Time for mystery and riddles! This infinite succession of wooden corridors stretches over 2,000 square metres. One one part you walk walk in the dark, on another bare foot... thus having to trust different senses as you go along.

You will also explore the representation of famous labyrinths, the biodiversity garden, the organic vegetable patch, the pumpkin patch, the fair-trade bar: a fun day with family and friends for sure.

A land of adventures and dream awaits, an hour from Brussels 30 minutes from Namur and Liège.




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