Limbourg, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia

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The village of Limbourg in Liège province is distinguished by its natural environment and its official listing as a place of exceptional heritage.

Limbourg was once a formidable stronghold - the capital of the old Duchy of Limburg. Lying next to the river Vesdre, between the Pays de Herve and the Ardennes mountains, it has preserved its architectural heritage for the benefit of everyone who visits.

Enjoy a relaxing stroll in the Place Saint-Georges, paved with pebbles taken from the riverbed. Explore the narrow streets and delght in the charm of the old houses.

For lovers of history, Limbourg contains several listed monuments, including the Church of St. George, the Arvô (old village hall), castles, the fountain of the Virgin Mary and an ancient stone table.

You can also enjoy splendid views of the surroundings and in particular the Hertogenwald.

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