The Mardasson war memorial

  • Bastogne - Mardasson
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Just outside Bastogne, one of the finest American WW2 memorials in Europe sits on Mardasson Hill.

An exceptional monument

Inaugurated on July 16, 1950, the star-shaped structure honours the nearly 77,000 Americans who were killed, wounded or went missing in action during the battle. The monument is shaped as a five-pointed American star with 31 metres sides. The story of the event is engraved in gold letters on the walls of the open gallery.

From the ground to the sky

A spiral staircase takes the visitors to the top of the memorial. The panoramic view of the region features each of the defensive positions held during the city's siege. The crypt, carved in the rocks directly and decorated with French artist Fernand Leger's mosaic, shelters Protestant, Catholic and Jewish altars.


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