Mons Belfry and its museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Mons Belfry and its museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
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A listed UNESCO World Heritage site, this 87-metre tall building is the only baroque-style belfry in Belgium. 

This proud symbol of Mons' identity, affectionately known as "el catiau", stands next to the Château Comtal park, only 200 m from the Gran' Place. It was erected in the 17th century after the bell tower collapsed in 1661.

This 87-metre-high tower is a stunning example of classical Baroque architecture. The walls are made of Bray sandstone, while the embellishments, including the pillars and supporting pilasters, are of blue stone. Its 49 chiming bells ring out their traditional melodies every quarter of an hour.

The belfry's museum

As part of Mons 2015, European Capital of Culture, a museum opened in the belfry.

Dedicated to its history and its close links to the city, it offers a themed visit incorporating new technologies. What's more, a glass lift will take you to the top of the belfry, the perfect place for a panoramic view of Mons and its monuments. The museum also organises guided tours and cultural activities.

Practical information

Opening times:

Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 am to 6 pm
Last entry at 5 pm


Adults: 9 €
Seniors: 6 €
Children: 2 €
Families: 3 €


Groups: 12 persons max. 6€/person + 65 or 80€ for the guide

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Minimum duration1:30



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