A museum of remembrance dedicated to May 1940 in Haut-le-Wastia

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May 1940. The Second World War catches up with Haut-le-Wastia, a village between Namur and Dinant. The nightmare begins... This museum pays tribute to all those who fought for freedom.

An immersion into the daily lives of soldiers

The Musée du souvenir Mai 1940 presents rare documents of that era: order executions, newspapers, unusual objects, personal items such as letters to family and loved ones, military medals and photos. They recreate the atmosphere, the daily life of the soldiers who fought the first days of the Second World War on Belgian territory.

Reconstructions, models and a relief map also are on display. Visitors can also discover this page of history through short movies and testimonials from veterans and residents of Haut-le-Wastia.

A few words of history

The German troops passed through the Ardennes in May 1940. The Second World War then stretched to a new front, dragging Western Europe in the horror of war.

Haut-le-Wastia and its surroundings found themselves at the centre of the fight between the French and German troops. The Musée du souvenir Mai 1940 is a tribute from the village to the brave allied fighters who defended them from the Nazi invader. Many lost their lives doing so.



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