Ostrich of the Bridge of Love

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In the middle of the Dinant countryside, discover the biggest birds of the world: ostriches and other emu, rhea and cassowaries.

In the countryside of Dinant, discover and rub shoulders with these large birds. This farm houses an average of 200 animals: ostriches, emus, rheas and cassowaries. Its requirement: a healthy breeding in a healthy environment for a production of quality animals. Come visit the farm with a guide and discover the various products: cold cuts (ham, sausages, pâtés and ostrich terrines), meats (fillets, roasts, steaks, ...), eggs for consumption or emptied (decoration).

Discover the largest bird in the world with his "cousins" a few kilometres from Dinant. Forget some preconceived ideas and legends and leave with the images of the biggest eggs of the world.

The magnificent landscape of the Haute-Meuse dineraise is an ideal setting for ostrich farming. From incubation to breeding, food to production, the ostrich farm Pont d'Amour will give you a marvellous insight into these wonderful creatures!

The biggest bird in the world is waiting for you in Wallonia.




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