The Pairi Daiza park, a unique zoological park in Belgium

  • From the giraffe lookout in Pairi Daiza, help the carers to feed the animals
  • The Pairi Daiza park, a unique zoological garden in Belgium
  • The Pairi Daiza park, a unique zoological garden in Belgium
  • The Pairi Daiza park, a unique zoological garden in Belgium
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Taking a stroll through Pairi Daiza feels like a journey around the world... The World Garden takes transports you to every continent in turn, with the opportunity to admire animals as you walk: pandas, elephants, orang-outangs even. This zoological park, in the estate of the Cambron Abbey, has been named the best zoo in Europe in 2018.

The park is situated in Brugelette, between Mons and Ath, a 45 minutes’ drive from Valenciennes and Maubeuge and an hour from Lille.

Pairi Daiza will take you on an extraordinary journey through nature. 5,000 animals live here: white tigers, panthers, giraffes, hippopotamus, zebras, elephants, sea lions, penguins, meerkats, squirrel monkeys, giant otters, colourful birds...

Ganesha's kingdom

This 4 hectare wide garden is dedicated to elephants, the stars of the place. They live there with two white tigers, macaques, porcupines, orang-outangs and wombats.

The carefully designed reproductions of Bali temples simply are fascinating so make sure you stop by the Temple des Fleurs, Village of Timor or even the Maison de l'Artisan.

Hao Hao, Xing Hui and Tian Bao

Take a stroll in Han Wu Di's dream, the largest Chinese Gardens in Europe, visitors can meet Hao Hao and Xing Hui, 2 giant pandas from China, and their baby, Tian Boa, who was born in Pairi Daiza,

Pairi Daiza is also a world garden

Discover the Nautilus and its giant aquariums. Visit the rose garden and fall under the charm of the queen of flowers. Or try the Andalusian garden to find the warm fragrances of the South of Spain…

Continue with the Land of the big 5, 8 hectares of savanna featuring the five most symbolic animals of Africa: the lion, the elephant, the Cape buffalo, the rhino and the leopard.

Don't forget the birds of prey demonstrations and the latest baby animals born in the zoo...

Pairi Daiza is the most wonderful place to discover wild animals.



Reductions on the tickets when bought online. Season pass: Adult (12-59 y.o.) 74 €, Child (3-11 y.o.) 64 €, Senior (60 +) 70 €. Parking 28 €.



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