Parc Naturel de la Haute-Sûre et de la Forêt d'Anlier

  • Parc Naturel de la Haute-Sûre et de la Forêt d’Anlier
  • Natural Park
  • Woodland, nature reserve or natural area

The Parc Naturel Haute-Sûre Forêt d'Anlier, in the province of Luxembourg, is shaped around the Haute Sûre basin and the Anlier forest.

It is composed of vast agricultural fields, the Sûre basin and its valleys planted with conifer trees, of the Anlier forest and the rugged, contoured Lorraine region. This diversity offers a variety of landscapes: wetlands, calcicolous grasslands, hardwoods, heathlands, marl pits, sinkholes...

Attractions and museums in the region

Musée Vivant de la Laine et Parc Animalier Animalaine (wool museum and animal park)

The Bastogne War Museum, a memorial of the Second World War

The Mardasson Memorial

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