14-18 battlefield in Mons

  • 14-18 battlefield in Mons
  • 14-18 battlefield in Mons
  • 14-18 battlefield in Mons
  • 14-18 battlefield in Mons
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Follow in the footsteps of the Battle of Mons and its commemorative sites.
Mons and his immediate surroundings were the subject of fierce fighting on August 22, 23 and 24, 1914, when British soldiers met German forces.

Many memorials or commemorative plaques perpetuate today the memory of these thousands of fallen soldiers during these cruel days of the summer of 1914. The Office of Tourism of Mons proposes to you to traverse the strategic places of this battle starting from the Big -Square.

The programme

The road bridge, the railway bridge, the Obourg railway station, the Château Gendebien, the Bois-là-Haut, the Bascule, the Irish Monument, the Mons cemetery and finally the cemetery of Saint-Symphorien German and British soldiers rest in a haven of peace. All these places and facts of the battle are presented in the Battlefield Guide available for free download on the website or at the counter of the tourist office of Mons.

You will be able to browse the circuit at your own pace in your vehicle.

Group tours are also possible on reservation at the tourist office.

The legend of the angels of Mons

Haven't you heard of this wonderful legend yet? What happened on the night of August 23, 1914?

Legend has it that angels armed with archers descended from the illuminated sky and retreated German troops, protecting the British allied forces at the brink of annihilation, at a crucial moment in the battle.

Extraordinary event or simple hallucination?

This story was published a few weeks after the facts in the English press causing a wave of interest with the British population. The legend took various forms of interpretation reported in different books.

Discover the rest of the report on the Battle of Mons at this fascinating place.

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