The Préhistomuseum in Ramioul

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Come and discover the new Préhistomuseum in Ramioul, the biggest museum in Europe dedicated to prehistoric times. Stop by to discover the daily life of our ancestors.

12 fantastic adventures in a stunning forest

The site stretches over 30 hectares in the forest of the Ramioul Grotto. Visitors are transported to Cro Magnon times, which they can fully live through 12 experiences.

Visitors are invited to meet Cro Magnon through hyperactive exhibitions (over 15 interactions), challenges from an archaeologist interpreter-guide and modern games.

One cave, 9 outdoors experiences

  • 3D trail to understand hunting in prehistoric times
  • Barefoot trail
  • Petting farm
  • Vegetal maze
  • Landscaped promenade
  • Fun workshops with archaeologists (flint knapping, fire starting...)
  • Prehistoric challenge
  • A Mammoth themed playground
  • An Archeorestaurant serving prehistory-inspired dishes

Add to this an 8 km forest walk, an archeobistrot with an open fire, temporary exhibitions...

Visitors with specific needs

The Préhistomuseum is one of the many sites certified by Access-i (meaning with facilities or/activities adapted to travellers with specific needs). You will find more details on the website to plan your visit.


5 to 22 Euros depending on the length of the visit (the longer you stay, the better the deal). Groups (more than 4 persons): 3€ reduction per person for a visit of more than 2 hours (the reduction does not apply to the first hour). Free for children under 4. Online: 15€ for the full day. Groups : 1h30 > 9€/chilf (4 to 17 y.o.), 11€/adult (18 y.o. +) (Note : does not apply to school groups) 3h > 11€/child or pupil (4 to 17 y.o.), 13€/adult (18 y.o. +), 6h > 14€/child or pupil (4 to 17 y.o.), 16€/adult (18 y.o. +)

Information on the walk


Minimum duration1:00
Maximum duration8:00



  • Animation
  • Indoor catering


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