The Promenade Arrêt Vert : Sambre valley – Aulne abbey

  • The Promenade Arrêt Vert : Sambre valley – Aulne abbey
  • Walking or hiking

Coming by train? The Promenade Arrêt Vert: Sambre valley – Aulne abbey are a wonderful way to hike through the region.

This valley or Sambre Vale offers quite a change of scenery: green, peaceful it proves particularly appeasing.

Walking along the tow path between Thuin and Landelies, you will discover meadows, woodlands, streams, even a 750 hectares forest. The area between Binche, Ham-sur-Heureand the French border is called “La Thudinie”, inspired by the town of Thuin. In Gozée, you will find the ruins of the Aulne abbey.

Many trails to be enjoyed

  • Thuin is the departure point for the 10.7 and 17.1 km trails, finishing in Fontaine-l’Evêque
  • Gozée (« Bout-la-Haut » bus stop) is the departure point for the 6.4 and 12/8 km trails, finishing in Landelies

Arrêt vert or Green stops

The concept is simple: the trails always start and finish at a railway station or bus stop. in between, a beautiful walk, well explained. The perfect way to enjoy a car-free holiday!

Get the brochure

The brochure covering these trails, published in French or Dutch is on sale at the SNCB rail way station of Charleroi-Sud and at the Maison du Tec in Charleroi-Sud (1.50€).


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