Safran de Cotchia

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Come and discover the largest safranière in Belgium. In the heart of the Hesbaye, plunge into the spices and get carried away by its exotic flavours.

Le Safran de Cotchia offers:

  • The largest safranière in Belgium.
  • Discover the saffron and its by-products.
  • The visits of the saffron of Cotchia.

Éric and Sabine abandoned the Traditionnal culture and the breeding to launch in 2009 the first professional plantation of Saffron in Belgium, which now has more than 120,000 bulbs. Production of hand-cultivated saffron in the respect of nature, and many by-products produced in the workshops. Originality and harmony of the flavors are at the rendezvous.

The saffron, which for several decades was the most expensive spice in the world, originated in the Middle East. It's used in the kitchen, in Hue and in many other areas. Enjoy the visit of the Safranière, tastings and explanations to know everything about this spice. At the same time, discover the variants of saffron and the original creations of the house: liqueurs, syrup, teas, mustard, vinegar, ...

Let the saffron of Cotchia spice up your life!



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