Silence/Shapes: photographs by Filippo Minelli at the Espace Wallonie

  • Exhibition
From Thursday 21 November 2019 to Sunday 12 January 2020.

This exhibition, which retraces a famous photographer's journey in Wallonia, really highlights the most beautiful water sites in the region. At the Espace Wallonie, Brussels.

Italian artist Filippo Minelli's project aims at presenting silence through colourfu smoke. Water then inspired him more pieces.

Wallonia, land of water

After presenting his artistic performance around the world, Filippo Minelli put his suitcases down in Wallonia for a while. Not a random decision: Wallonia chose "water" as its 2019 theme, a vital element in the South of Belgium.

12 iconic locations

Filippo Minelli chose 12 sites - some famous, other lesser known but as enchanting: the Lesse, Eau d’Heure lakes, Walzin castle, a waterfall in Malmedy... His creations always respect the environment and pay tribute to the region.


From Thursday 21 November 2019 to Sunday 12 January 2020.
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