Tanks In Mons: a gathering of WWII tanks in Mons

  • Demonstration
From 30 August to 01 September 2019.

The only commemoration of its kind in the world, celebrating the liberation of the city of Mons with a parade of WWII vehicles. 

To commerorate the liberation of the city in 1944, the 83ème Bataillon de Reconnaissance of the 3rd Division Blindée U.S., Tanks In Mons oragnises every year  this major gathering of WWII tanks and other historical military vehicles.

Shermans, Chaffees, Pershings, Tank Destroyers, Half Tracks, armoured cars, Jeeps, lorries and several other vehicles will peacefully will drive through the historic centre of Mons.

Iconic post war vehicles such as the Léopatd tank will also be presented to the public.

They will be following in the tracks of the American armoured convoy that drove through Mons in 1944.



From 30 August to 01 September 2019.
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