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The Aquarium-Museum in Liège will take you on a wonderful journey through the animal and aquatic universes, featuring fish from around the world. This scientific and tourism centre, dedicated to the aquatic flora and animal biodiversity, is situated on the Quai Édouard Van Beneden, a 7 minutes walk from the Liège-Guillemins TGV station.

The Aquarium

The Aquarium's 50 tanks are home to 2,500 fish. Amongst them are the legendary piranhas, the clownfish with their anemones, the blind cave-dwelling fish, the stonefish... Let alone the blacktip reef sharks and baby dogfish! A wonderful (but dry!) immersion in the ocean, sea, lake and rivers worlds.

The Museum

The museum, in turn, showcases the riches and beauty of the animal kingdom. There are 20,000 specimens to admire (preserved, stuffed, skeletons): from the smallest flea to the largest whale, anacondas, spiders, shells, a stuffed bear, chimpanzees and other primates.

The TréZOOr room features scientific, historical and artistic specimens: wax models, the prestigious Blaschka collection, extinct species, naturalised specimens.

Worth seeing

A reconstitution of the jaw of a Megalodon (a giant shark, now extinct) is on show in the Shark and coral reefs room. Visitors can take a selfie, standing between its teeth.



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