The wood hills of the Citadel of Liège, nature at the heart of the fiery city

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Located within the citadel, these wood hills are an unexpected urban haven, ideal for peaceful walks and nature lovers. This unique natural and material heritage, 80 hectares in total, has been awarded 3 star in the Michelin travel guide.

80 hectares of greenery near the Place Saint-Lambert

This amazing green space, so close to the historic city centre, offer exceptional views of the city and the Meuse valley. It features iconic monuments: the Montagne de Bueren, an impressive 300-steps stair, and the ruins of the 13th century enclosure being only examples. With its many species of trees, it acts as the green lungs of Liège.

There are five itineraries to choose from, starting from the Esplanade Saint-Léonard or Pierreuse Street.

You can download maps on the website of the Liège Tourist Office.

Monuments and historical buildings

With no less than 60 monuments and 5 historical buildings, the citadel's wood hills still bear witness to Liege's rich history. There is no lack of surprises in the area! (Re)discover the walk up the 374-step staircase up the Montagne de Bueren or the panorama over the city from the Citadel's park.




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