The Château de Jehay, a Mosan Renaissance gem in Amay

  • Château de Jehay
  • Discover the Château de Jehay, a stunning example of Mosane Renaissance style.
  • Discover the Château de Jehay, a stunning example of Mosane Renaissance style.
  • Discover the Château de Jehay, a stunning example of Mosane Renaissance style.
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Located in the province of Liège, the Château de Jehay offers a remarkable architecture, unique in Europe. This impressive historical building, surrounded by moats, seems to appear as if by magic as you walk past the forest.

Distinguished by its famous checkerboard patterns on its walls, the castle is a stunning, rare example of Mosane Renaissance style from the mid-16th century. It is listed as part of Wallonia's exceptional cultural heritage.

Visiting the Jehay estate

This is a fine example of a 16th century Meuse Renaissance style building, with vaulted basements of the former keep going back to the late 13th century. In the 19th century the castle was extensively renovated and extended in a sober Gothic Revival style but after World War 2, when it was used as a hostel for displaced children of the Belgian Railway Workers, the building fell into disrepair. The chateau then passed into the ownership of Comte van de Steen who restored the interior using as far as possible original furniture and paintings. Today the chateau is closed for renovation but its imposing exterior with two tall towers and the chessboard façade of white and brown stones is very impressive. The estate of the chateau is open to visitors with its own village and chapel surrounded by woodlands and is today considered to be the one of the most beautiful in the province of Liège. The gardens and drive to the chateau lined by tall chestnut trees were designed in the 17th and 18th centuries, and to the east of the castle an ice house stands close to an alley of lime trees leading to the kitchen gardens. Two large converted former barns on the estate are today used to house exhibitions of the rich furnishings and paintings from the chateau.


Practical information

Please note the castle is being renovated: the inside space is not accessible to the public for the time being. A 15 mn movie gives you a chance to admire the exquisite ground floor rooms.

The estate remains open to the public and visitors can enjoy exhibitions in the former stables and gardens.




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Free entry the first Sunday of the month, April to October, outside special events.



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