The Château de Freÿr-sur-Meuse and its gardens in Hastière

  • Château de Freÿr sur Meuse and its gardens
  • Château de Freÿr sur Meuse and its gardens
  • Château de Freÿr sur Meuse and its gardens
  • Château de Freÿr sur Meuse and its gardens
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Freÿr sur Meuse, a Renaissance castle with stunning gardens, is part of Wallonia's protected architectural heritage.

The Castle of Freÿr is situated between Waulsort and Dinant, in a breathtaking setting by the Meuse, only 100km from Brussels.

The Castle

The ancient summer residence of the Beaufort-Spontin dukes welcomes you in a refined and cosmopolitan interior. Its magnificent sitting rooms have been furnished and decorated by the 20 generations that have lived there. They are an invitation to visit the castle and experience its history in a glorious natural setting.

The gardens

The Castle is blessed with sweeping classical gardens, set out in a variety of styles. Their defining features are, without doubt, the 300-year-old orange trees and their orangeries,  among the oldest in the country. Loose yourself in the six-kilometre labyrinth or, if you prefer, sit and day-dream at the feet of the charming Trianon.

Not to be missed:

Every year, the afternoon of May 1st, the orange trees are taken out of the orangeries and placed in the garden.

Freÿr sur Meuse is an unforgettable visit with an air of Versailles about it.




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