The Aventure Parc Wavre, tree top adventures near Brussels

  • Aventure Parc in Wavre
  • The Aventure Parc Wavre, a trendy theme park near Brussels
  • The Aventure Parc Wavre, a trendy theme park near Brussels
  • The Aventure Parc Wavre, a trendy theme park near Brussels
  • Adventure park
  • Adventure sports

The Aventure Parc Wavre invites you to share exceptional moments with friends and family, in the heart of nature in the Walloon Brabant region. Come and have thrilling (but safe!) adventures in the biggest treetop trail in Belgium - this includes zip wires and jumps.

23 trails and 230 games (for children from 5 years of age): Tarzan jumps, giant steps, surf, sledges...

40 zip wires


  • The Fly Line, the first turning zipline in Belgium (320-m long trail, 35 m drop, 2 360° turns) which will take you on a safe slalom between the ancient trees of the estate
  • The Tyro-Tour: a 1 km trail with a range of zip wires, the biggest one being 250 m long.

5 jumps unique in Belgium

  • Space Jump: to go 17 m up
  • Forest Jump:  to try a stunt jump
  • Jungle Jump: to swing 15 m high
  • Tower Jump: dare to free fall 20 m
  • Bungee jump 20 m down

Trails with nets

Mini Kids, Tower Kids, Fun Kids and Sensation

20 trails,180 activities: there is something for everyone

At the Aventure Parc Wavre, little ones can join in that thrilling day: the Tyro Kids is a 5 m high zip wire designed for children age 5 to 9.

Relax in nature

You will find a covered cafeteria within the park to refuel or conclude your day. Its panoramic terrace overlooks a stunning landscape. Picnics are allowed as long as the drinks are bought on site.

Come and have a memorable day at the Aventure Parc Wavre!





From 23 March to 11 November 2019.

Please check the detailed opening times on the official web site.


Adults and children over 10: 29 €, children 7 to 9 y.o. 25 €, children 5-6 y.o. 21 €. Groups: 15 persons minimum. Adults and children over 10: 26 €, Children 7 to 9 y.o. 22 €, children 5-6 y.o. 18 €. For individual visits, the parks has deals between 45 and 70 €, including jumps and zipwires.

Information on the walk


Minimum duration3:00



  • Educational service


  • Cafe
  • Car parking
  • Cycle rack
  • Parking
  • Restaurant


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