The Lion's Mound, part of the Waterloo battlefield

  • Discover the Lion's Mound, a historical monument commemorating the battle of Waterloo
  • The Lion's Mound, Waterloo battlefield
  • The Lion's Mound, Waterloo battlefield
  • The Lion's Mound, Waterloo battlefield
  • Monument

The Lion's Mound, a monument commemorating the Battle of Waterloo, marks the place where the Prince of Orange was injured on 18 June 1815...

On the top of the mound, 40 metres or 226 steps high, stands a cast iron lion, representing the allied victory. Its front paw leans on a globe, a symbol of the peace obtained by Europe on the fields of Waterloo.

The Lion's Mound, originally a monument to the Dutch, offers an exceptional panoramic view of the battlefield.

At its base, an underground memorial presents the main moments of the battle.

The Lion's Mound is part of the Waterloo battlefield.


From 01 January to 31 December 2018.



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