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This mountain bike trail in Ottignies - Louvain-la-Neuve will take you through meadows and fields. 

Many attraction, restaurants, lodgings in the region are part of the Bikes Welcome program.

From the Buston lakes loved by fishermen, the trail is pleasant is easy to cycle. A little after Rofessart, path and roads meander through the plain, along the many agricultural fields.

All around you, a stunning palette of green, yellow and brown, revealing the beauty of the Ottignies countryside: Pinchart for example, former hunting grounds of the local lords or Fond du Ry, particularly picturesque.

Getting to Céroux, the Romasque tower of Moriensart suddenly stands out it the landscape. Cycle towards the main square, planted with 56 lime trees - hot air balloons gatherings are regularly organised there.

Once you have passed Moriensart and Franquenies, you will enter the Domaine Provincial du Bois des Rêves, the green lungs of the region. Cycle through it to reach Louvain-la-Neuve, a young and modern city. Continue along the lake between Hocaille and the Bruyères district, another green gem, 180 hectares wide. A slope down and you are back in the poetic vale of Buston.

Good to know

Love history? Retrace a part of the battle of Waterloo by cycling the Route Armée Grouchy between Wavre and Givet (F).

Practical information

Type of road

Countryside roads and small roads.

Type of bike

Mountain bike


27 km - be careful when crossing the Nationales.


From 15 y.o.


From the Buston lakes, follow the rue du Moulin à Eau to join the rue du Charnois.


Follow the mountain bike trails (red triangles and circles)


By the Buston ponds, rue du Moulin à Eau.



Information on the walk




Minimum distance27 Km


Minimum duration3:00
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