Bueren in bloom - a floral event in Liège

  • Admire thousand of blooms decorating the Buren Mountain in Liège
  • Demonstration
From Friday 08 to Thursday 14 June 2018.

The Bueren mountain will be fully in bloom for a few days: a magical way to discover the very heart of the fiery city. The next event will take place in Liège in June 2018.

The 5th edition will be decorated in bright, vivid colours by thousands of flowers and candles.

A different take on the Bueren mountain

The 374 steps will be decorated with flowers, a design entirely thought and brought to life by the Service Espaces publics - Plantations de la Ville de Liège. This is quite a challenge as the location is more complex than you might think at first:

  • an exceptional length
  • intermediate landings with benches
  • 2 different degrees of incline in the slope
  • a railing right in the middle of the stairs

No less than 24, 295 plants (8,726 pots) are needed for this floral painting. All colours of the rainbow will be featured, including 20 varieties of plants exclusively grown by the Centre de Productions horticoles of Liège. To put all this together - and take it down -, which takes several days, 120 agents working for the Service Espaces publics - Plantations will be needed.

The challenge of floral art!


From Friday 08 to Thursday 14 June 2018.
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