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Mageroy is one of the very rare archaeological sites to remain open to the public throughout the year while excavations are still taking place. Even better, visitors can join scientists and help with the digs.

The Arc-Hab association has been studying this Gallo Roman villa since 1984. The ongoing excavations have revealed a 3 hectares agriculture complex, enclosed by a perimeter wall as well as the largest basin found North of Gaul. Mageroy is considered as one of the major Gallo Roman sites in Belgium.

New finds every year

  • Archaeological digs take place every summer on site
  • There is much still to be discovered: the villa was built in a small vale, which slopes ended covering the building
  • Visitors can apply to join the excavation work and help unveil a page of history...



Rue de Mageroy 2,6723Habay
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