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Thuin, once a boatmen's town, reveals part of its history to visitors. Step on board this narrowboat-museum, anchored by the Quai de Sambre and discover what the daily waterway life used to be like in the region.

The Thudo Ecomuseum

This former barge presents how boats were built, the various communication means, what happened during the war... The various themed are illustrated with postcards, construction drawings, scale boats and more.

The Boatmen's quarters

From there, why not explore the lower part of the city, favourited by the boatmen? The 17th and 18th houses are quite noticeable with their narrow doors and windows, and plaques referring to boats' names on their façade. Many sailors retired in the area and still live there. You will find a lovely square with a view on the Sambre to rest a little. From there, look for the towpath and have a look at the manual lock.

A love story

Thuin always seems to have rhymed with this industry. At the beginning of the 20th century, over 1,100 out of 5,000 locals were boat makers.


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