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It all started in 2011. Friends from Rochefort, real beer and terroir lovers, decided to start their very own brewery. Not any, though, the Lesse (in Eprave), is a cooperative which aims, through its production to developing alternative solutions to economy, energy and environment linked crisis.

Beers brewed on site

The Lesse produces 3 high fermentation beers: La Chinette (blonde), La Cambrée (amber) and La Rouge-Croix (dark). The range is completed by a white beer in spring and summer, and by L'HIVEResse, a winter stout.

  • La Cambrée was named, in 2012, Wallonia's best amber beer (in the 6 to 8% alcohol category)
  • La Marie Blanche was named "Best Belgian Beer of Wallonia" in 2016. 

Organic ingredients as used whenever possible.

Visit the brewery

The brewers are delighted to present the site and making process. The tour includes a tasting.

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