Sunny days have finally returned, and it’s so good to be out and about again. Fancy adding a touch of culture to your weekend? Have a look at our selection:

Liège | Until April 18th, 2022

Belgium invented surrealism. One name immediately comes to mind: René Magritte.

The Musée de La Boverie pays tribute to this incredible genius with an exhibition offering a real immersion into 160 of his works.

Named Inside Magritte, the show offers a 360° multi-sensory experience and an exceptional way to experience the master’s painting techniques.

 Tip: don’t just come for the exhibition, Liège has much to offer. Even just a day might not be enough! 

La Hupe | Until June the 25th, 2022

The key exhibition this spring is, undeniably, « Tomi Ungerer l’enfant terrible » takes place at the Folon Fundation. This fascinating retrospective highlights the many talents of this provoking artists: poster artist, illustrator, author, inventor, collector and advertising designer.

A hundred iconic art works will be on show, showing light further than the youth albums he is mostly known for (Otto, the Three Robbers, Moon Man...). Think political satire, sharp, incisive sketches, even erotic drawings.

Think political satire, sharp, incisive sketches, even erotic drawings.

Charleroi | Until May 22nd, 2022

This gathering of 30 contemporary artists at the BPS22 is another must see this season.

Titled Teen spirit (a wink to Nirvana), the exhibition looks deep in what interests, worries and influences teenagers all over the world, no matter what their background is.

90 interpretations – on a variety of medias, when photography would have before been the only support used – are presented here. Thought triggering to say the least.

Morlanwelz | Until April 17th, 2022

This initiative journey will reveal the most intriguing cult of Roman Antiquity: Mithra.

This experience, at the Musée Royal de Mariemont, will lead you through underground galleries, to incredible banquets, through crowds of followers wearing lion or crow masks…

Mons | Until August 21st, 2022

At  the Beaux-Arts de Mons, discover the amazing technique of Anto-Carte, a skilled painter making the link between centuries. 

His most famous pieces, on show, revisit the classics of Christian iconography as well as the grandeur of the peasant’s world.

Louvain-la-Neuve | Until June 5th, 2022

The « Formes du Salut » at the famous Musée L is designed as a diptych presenting works dedicated to salvation through beliefs, traditions, stories.

Not as peaceful as you might expect! Sculptures and religious paintings from the Val Duchesse Abbey, as well as the meticulously renovation work done by the l’Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique. Overwhelming with beauty.

Liège | April 2nd to December 22nd, 2022

Europa Expo invites you on a thrilling journey to Japan: a country deeply steeped in tradition.

From gastronomy to religion, Godzilla to manga, Tokyo to Kyoto, you will learn of the most intriguing facettes of this culture.


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