Get the popcorn ready, make yourself comfortable on the sofa: your virtual trip to Wallonia is about to begin! Let’s start with…

1. The Camino de Santiago, in Namur

 Viewpoint overlooking the town of Namur and its river Meuse
From the top of the top of the Citadel awaits a stunning view of the capital of Wallonia. After admiring the panorama, click on one of the icons to visit the city further. What takes your fancy today: Saint-Aubain cathedral, the Museum of ancient times, or the Saint Loup Church...?.

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the audio guide is presented by no less than Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor. Expect historical explanations, anecdotes and music

2. A journey through time, in Mariemont

 Visitors enjoying the collections of Mariemont Museum
Through its audio visits presenting its masterpieces (+- 30 mn each), the Mariemont Royal Museum will transport you from Ancient Greece to the Roman Gaul, with a detour via China and the Hainaut region…
Audioguide in French, Dutch, English.

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the harmonious curves of the Han horse, a bronze sculpture found in the grave of a high-ranking official of the Han Dynasty (in power in China 206 BC–220 AD).

3. A stroll through Dinant, daughter of the Meuse

 Viewpoint overlooking the town of Dinant and its Collegiate from the citadel
Thanks to Google Street View, you can enjoy a relaxing walk in this irresistible town, discover the beauty of its architecture, learn all about the local speciality, the Couques biscuit, see the river from the Charles de Gaulle bridge…
Audioguide in French, Dutch, English

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the audio commentary completing the Street View, making the visit more immersive.

4. The pretty churches of the Brabant countryside

 Pond in Pécrot, popular fishing site at Grez-Doiceau
The scene is ever so pretty – a peaceful summer day, a light breeze… This visit leads you from one village to another, right in front of the local churches. Just push their wooden door and start exploring!

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the soothing atmosphere, the elegant architecture. Simply picture perfect!

5. Liège’s architecture, from golden decadence to futuristic designs

 Panorama on Liege Guillemains train station
With its sumptuous Prince Bishop palace, colourful street art murals, impressive Guillemins station, the fiery city is sure to wow you…

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wandering through the Cité Miroir, once used as thermal baths and now turned into a fascinating cultural space.

6. The crypt of Notre-Dame collegiate church, in Huy

 A couple visiting the Collegiate of Notre Dame and Saint Domitien in Huy
Hidden from sight, it had fallen into oblivion for centuries. In 1906, Senior Priest Demaret noticed steps leading to a blocked passage under the collegiate church. Curious, he cleared the entrance and discovered a large Romanesque crypt: 6 metres high, 16 metres long and 17 metres wide. And yes, you can now step in this millennial crypt and admire its many treasures…

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the Tree of Life medallion, an exquisite example of Mosan enamel work.

7. The Aquarium Museum, in Liège

 The mammal room of Liege’s aquarium
The museum’s antique cabinets feature 20,000 skeletons and mounted specimens of land, marine and flying mammals. A palaeontologist’s dream!

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the fin whale’s skeleton, which bones are engraved with the name of each anatomical part.
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