Looking for something a little different for your aperitif times and festive dinners? Something as delicious as it is interesting and that can start a conversation among food lovers? Or just interested in terroir products and buying from passionate producers and artisans? We know just the treats you need! Here are a few wines and spirits sure to add a sparkle…

For a memorable aperitif

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Bubbles from the Hainaut region

Did you know the Domaine du Chant d’Eole ’s Brut Blanc de Blanc was crowned best sparkling in the world in July 2020? Elegant, with fine bubbles and green apple notes, it dances beautifully on the tongue.
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Another gem to try: the Vignoble des Agaises ’ Ruffus Brut Sauvage. With white blooms, hazelnut, almond, brioche and citrus notes, it has won quite a few awards of its own.
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Treasures from the Walloon Brabant region

You simply have to taste the Domaine du Chapitre ’s exquisite wines. The Hautier family favours a sustainable, biodynamic approach to wine making. They also grow well as a wide variety of grapes meaning they produce red, white, rosé, dessert and sparkling wines. 
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Ever heard of Peket? The drink, also known as Jenever is considered the precursor of gin and is occasionally served flamed. Les Apéros de Philomène has developed a collection of 28 different flavours: pear, melon, cranberry-raspberry, truffles, nettles… Their plant-based aperitifs are equally creative: the Fâneur, similar to a Muscat is infused with linden flower and elderflower infused, Le 200ìème with mandarin and poppies. Liquid poetry! 
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Perfect food pairings

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Delights from the Province of Namur

A castle, an estate, exceptional white wines… Perfection! Nestled in the Meuse valley, Le Château de Bioul is a beautiful love story combining 11 hectares of vineyards, a fantastic cultural heritage and grape varieties such as Johanniter, Muscaris, Pinotin... Very close in taste to Riesling, le Muscat and Pinot noir, these plants are more resistant and do not need any chemical. The Château has applied for its organic certification. 
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Le Domaine viticole du Chenoy is another pioneer in organic viticulture in the region. Their passion? Creating original wines, reflecting the Walloon terroir. Trust them to wow you.
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Add Le Château Bon Baron to your list. Their 14 grapes varieties, used to produce 21 different wines, mean they have one nectar or every mood and celebration.
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Festive treats from Liège

Gewürztraminer from Wallonia? Yes! By Les Coteaux de la Légia, a fascinating urban vineyard right in Liège: under it flows the Legia, an underground river which used to feed the local mills back in the 16th century.
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Also worth applauding is Vin de Liège, a cooperative dedicated to bringing vineyards back to the Liège region. Its 12 hectares produce superb organic wine. The first frost this year made them wonder whether they should consider adding an ice wine to their collection… Watch that space!
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Love from the Walloon Brabant region

Managed by 3 friends (Pierre Rion, Etienne Rigo, François Vercheval), the Domaine de Mellemont produces all 5 families of wines, all adored by gourmets. To think that the adventure started with just 100 vine plants at the back of a garden!
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The final touch…

A whisky or an Eau-de-Vie?

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You may swear by Scottish or Irish whiskies, but we urge you to give this one a chance: The Owl Distillery, made from sustainable barley grown exclusively in Hesbaye, has been named best whisky in Europe.
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The Distillerie de Biercée, built in 1946, is renown for its fruit brandies and liqueurs (pear, kumquat, raspberry, orange…). Its signature creation is the Eau de Villée, which extracts the full flavour of Primofiori lemons.
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The Distillerie de la Croix Sainte Nitouche came up with an interesting twist: using their Triple beer to make surprising spirits. There are 3 to choose from: a gin, a brandy and a Blackcurrant brandy.
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Last but not least – rum lovers won’t be able to resist Dr Clyde Distillery’s collection: white, spiced, smoky, cask strength, honey infused…

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