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  • Spirale: Natoye Centre for Arts and Crafts

    This unique art centre presents all along the year, the work of 30 local artists and artisans working wood, metal clay, stone... as well as exhibitions on a wide variety of themes.
    1.5€ instead of 3€ per adult
  • Bois-du-Luc: a UNESCO mining site, witness of the Industrial Revolution

    The Bois-du-Luc mining site was one of the main witnesses of the industrial revolution in Wallonia. This extraordinary historical heritage, wonderfully well preserved, is protected by UNESCO.
    - 50%
    on any adult ticket
  • Malmundarium, a must see historical visit in Malmedy

    The Malmundarium, a former Benedictine monastery, is a space dedicated to memory, art, history and culture in the Cantons de l'Est region.
    Visit the Malmundarium, the historical and touristic heart of Malmedy
    50% reduction
    on the price of an individual ticket
  • Maison du Patrimoine Médiéval Mosan in Dinant

    Immerse yourself in the eventful history of the Mosan Valley thanks to the Mosan medieval heritage house. Dsiover Mosane life in Dinant.
    Mosan - Medieval Heritage House in Dinant
    - 50%
    for any paying adult (2€ instead of 4€)
  • Mundaneum: Mons paper Google

    The Mundaneum is an exceptional archive centre and exhibition space in Mons, known to hold 12 million bibliographic records. Le Monde describes it as the Paper Google and the New York Times as The Web Time Forgot.
    Come and learn about the world at the Mudaneum in Mons
    on the price of the entry
  • Hergé Museum | Louvain-la-Neuve

    The Hergé Museum, dedicated to Georges Remi, who created Tintin, is an absolute must stop for all comic book lovers.
    Discover the Hergé Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve
    - 50%
    1 free entry (worth 12€) for any adult entry bought
  • Musée Royal de Mariemont | Morlanwelz

    Opened since 1975, set in a splendid park, the Musée royal de Mariemont features collections gathered by its founder Raoul Waroqué.
    Discover the Musée Royal de Mariemont in Morlanwelz
    - 50%
    on the price of an individual adult ticket
  • Liège Archeoforum: an archaeological museum featuring fascinating remains

    Liège's Archaeoforum is an exceptional archaeological site located in the city centre, right under the Place Saint-Lambert.
    on the price of an individual ticket
  • The Grand Hornu site: cultural heritage, exhibitions, design and innovation

    Take a former coal mine, get it listed by UNESCO as World Heritage and you get the CID of the Grand Hornu: an innovation and design centre, featuring temporary exhibitions on design, applied art and contemporary art.
    Come visit the historical site of Grand Hornu, A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012
    on the price of an adult ticket
  • Museum of Photography | Charleroi

    The Museum of Photography in Charleroi is the most important photography museum in Europe. It features permanent and temporary exhibitions.
    Perspective view of the rooms - Charleroi's Photography Museum, Belgium
    on an individual adult ticket
  • The Wellington Museum in Waterloo, a museum retracing the 1815 battle

    This museum, once an inn, served as headquarters to the Duke of Wellington the night of June 17th, 1815. Right before the famous battle of Waterloo...
    Memorial tourism - The Wellington Museum in Waterloo
    50% reduction
    on the price of an adult ticket worth 7.5€
  • The Grand Curtius: a fascinating museum complex in Liège

    The Grand Curtius celebrates the link between object and society. Built between the 17th and 21st century, fully renovated, it offers a fascinating visit to all those wishing to learn more about Liège's history. This museum organises many exhibitions throughout the year.
    on the price of an individual entry
  • The Musée de la Vie wallonne (Liège), a museum dedicated to life as it used to be in Wallonia

    The Musée de la vie wallonne, in the heart of Liège, presents the history and lives of Wallonia from the 19th century to the present days.
    Discover the history and life in Wallonia at the Museum of Walloon Life in Liège
    on the price of an individual ticket
  • The Musée international du Carnaval et du Masque in Binche

    The Musée International du Carnaval et du Masque de Binche, at the very heart of a city famous for it Carnival characters (named the Gilles), invites you to discover the region's many festivals and traditions.
    on the price of an individual ticket