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Download our free 1 + 1 vouchers and get one free night for every night you reserve, or one free admission for every ticket you buy to a selected venue.

Find below a list of activities and 1 + 1 accommodation offers in Wallonia.

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  • Le Parc à gibier de La Roche: a wildlife park in the Ardenne

    Parcs animaliers - animaux - Hiboux
    Le Parc à gibier de La Roche is a wonderful opportunity to discover the animals - cute or impressive - living in the Ardenne forest. The perfect family day out!
    on the price of an individual ticket
  • The steam railway museum of the Three Valleys | Treignes

    Visit the steam railway of the three valleys museum in Treignes and discover Belgium's rail and industrial history.
    Set in a former international station, the museum retraces Belgium's railway and industrial history
    on the price of an individual adult ticket