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The Domaine Provincial de Chevetogne, which stretches over 550 hectares, is sure to delight you with its many surprises throughout its green spaces and its many creative activities.

Hobbit retreats and Japanese pagodas

The Domaine provincial de Chevetogne, between Rochefort and Ciney, is the ideal location for day hikes, relaxing weekends or even longer stays. Its large estate, with its varied landscapes, has been open to the public for over 40 years and keeps on offering a new range of leisure activities.

Surprises await: playgrounds worthy of adventure movies, a museum dedicated to youth literature where creativity rules, another on nature's extraordinary treasures... but also a hobbit retreat, Japanese pagodas... all hidden in this amazing green space.

There is more: make sure you stop by the NEM, Nature Extraordinary Museum, an interpretation centre dedicated to nature and by the NHiM, a Natural History(ies) museum presenting literature to children.

The perfect family day

The estate focuses on offering a family-friendly atmosphere: pleasant walking paths through woodlands and gardens, fun museums, sports fields, vast play areas... A wonderful place to relax with your loved ones with:

  • 14 play areas
  • outdoors swimming pool (in summer)
  • mini golf
  • sports fields
  • boats and canoes
  • educational farm
  • PRM-friendly paths around the ponds
  • themed gardens
  • train
  • family and group lodgings
  • BBQ area

Art too

  • The Martine path, dedicated to the heroin created by Marcel Marlier
  • The Knot garden dedicated to Hervé Bazin
  • The neo baroque castle designed by architect Henry Beyaert
  • Wybe Kuitert's Japanese garden
  • The Farm for the little ones, dreamt by Benoît Poelvoorde
  • The Bounty, Bayard horse and play area created by Serge Depraetere
  • The conflict solving hut designed by Vincent Matthys...

Events during the high season

Fantastic activities are organised in the estate. Click here to see the listing.

 We love
Coming in spring and autumn, when the gardens have less visitors and prove quite enchanting.
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