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Let the skills of nature as an artist amaze you once more... Sculpted by the 'Eau Noire' river 300 million years ago, the Neptune Caves, in Petigny, are one of Belgium's oldest underground cavities.

An exceptional location...

The 50 min, family friendly guided tour will immerse you in the most stunning setting. The visit starts at the foot of a Givet limestone cliff before continuing onto a light and show display on the underground river: a surreal, unforgettable experience. No need to be a geology enthusiast to enjoy this adventure!

... and a discovery trail

The site is nestled at the heart of the Calestienne. Nature, in this exceptional area, was listed as Natura 2000 and is therefore protected, hence the well-defined touristic paths to preserve it while letting visitors enjoy how rich and beautiful the flora is. Le Mont des Sens is a 1.5 km well-signed walk, going above the Neptune caves. Look out for wild orchids, digitalis, lizards, birds of prey... Stop at the 9 panels along the way to know more about the site.

Visitors can relax on the terrace after their visit and indulge in a selection of local dishes while children enjoy the play area.









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