The Brasserie de Bertinchamps in Gembloux: traditionally made farm beers

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Also called Brasserie de la Ferme, the Brasserie de Bertinchamps produces 3 terroir beers, very much loved in the region.

Ambition and authenticity

This family brewery was founded in 2013 by the Humblet family in a 700 years old farm. It produces traditional farm beers, purely from malt and hops: Lager, Dark, Triple, and seasonal beers.

The Brasserie offers:

  • Guided tours of the cheerful brewery
  • A tasting of its beers, each out of the ordinary
  • A restaurant, La Table de Bertinchamps, pairing its beers with delightful terroir dishes

Visitors with specific needs

The Brasserie de Bertinchamps is one of the many sites certified by Access-i (meaning with facilities or/activities adapted to travellers with specific needs). You will find more details on the website to plan your visit.




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