The Musée de la Forêt et des Eaux (Domaine de Berinzenne)

  • Woodland, nature reserve or natural area
  • Education to nature

The Forest and Waters Museum, nestled in the Domaine de Bérinzenne in Spa, reveals the many secrets of the fauna and flora of the Fagnes.

Through murals, stuffed animals, interactive modules and its cheerful mascot, the Musée de la Forêt et des Eaux offers a real immersion in the enchanting natural world of the Spa region.

The museum

Wander from one room to another and listen to birds singing, streams flowing, observe wild animals and learn about the famous Spa water and forestry.

A new theme is chosen every year, inspiring an exhibition and an adventure: a treasure hunt for children to make the most of the site. The museum is nestled at the heart of the Domaine de Bérinzenne, the perfect start for walks in the Fagne region and home for the CRIE de Spa welcome centre.

Guided tours

The CRIE de Spa-Bérinzenne organises tours (3h) which include a visit of the museum and a guided walk/animation.

Visitors with specific needs

The Forest and Waters Museum is one of the many sites certified by Access-i (meaning with facilities or/activities adapted to travellers with specific needs). You will find more details on the website to plan your visit.



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