Profondeville river crossing by rowing boat

  • Guided tour and discovery

This is the only river crossing in Belgium done by rowing boat. Workers going to the Lustin Quarries used this means on transport every day at the time. The boatman's house is still there: it now hosts an art gallery called Maison Blanche.

Cross the Meuse on a rowing boat

In summer, the rowing boat "La Belle de Frênes" will take you over the river, to the Lustin bank. The boatman can also take you for a ride along the water, a great opportunity to admire the Frênes rocks, a superb panorama indeed.


The river crossing is only 

  • 500 metres from Profondeville
  • 1.5 km from the Lustin railway station
  • 4 km from the 7 Meuses view point in Rivière
  • 5 km from the gardens of Annevoie.


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