The bison farm (Recogne)

  • Animal park/zoo/aquarium
  • Local producer

Let this vibrant nature site in Recogne (Ardenne), home to 200 bison, wow you...

The Ferme des Bisons is an open-air farm where animals enjoy the outdoors all year round, feeding on grass and hay. It can be visited during the summer holidays.

See bison up close

A carriage ride will take you to the very heart of the herd: a fantastic opportunity to admire plains bison, typical of North America. These animal are incredibly powerful yet always look so peaceful...

Try Bison meat

Thanks to their healthy natural diet, the bison give particularly tender and fragrant meat. The restaurant on site prepares delicious dishes combining products from the farm and fresh ingredients. There even is a large terrace to relax on and enjoy the beauty of the Ardenne countryside.

Live like a (North American) Indian

The Indian Festival will introduce you to Indian culture, traditions and craft.



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