A bike ride between Aubechies and Beloeil | Cycling trails in Wallonia

  • A bike ride between Aubechies and Beloeil | Cycling trails in Wallonia
  • A bike ride to the Château de Beloeil
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A 20-km bike ride combining history and archaeology in the Walloon region of Picardy, a beautiful part in Eastern Hainaut.

A journey through time awaits: from the Roman times at the Archéosite d'Aubechies to the Renaissance at the  château de Beloeil. You will travel through Aubechies, one of the prettiest villages in Wallonia with its adorable Romanesque church and the Saint-Géry tavern. Its timeless architecture is typical of the region.

The node network keeps you away from major roads - all the better! Cycling along peaceful countryside roads, you will read the French gardens of the Château de Beloeil, which complete each other beautifully. The estate is by the canal of Blaton-Ath, which we will follow all the way to Huissignies. There you can visit the Musée de la Vie Rurale.

Practical information

Type of road

Countryside roads and RAVel on the tow path

Type of bike

All types


A rather easy 20-km rideon countryside roads. Just be careful when crossing the Nationale, especially if you have children with you. Well signed.


From 10 y.o.


From the Archéosite® d'Aubechies, cycle through the village (superb church with a tavern on the other side of the street) and go to node #42, in Ellignies-Sainte-Anne.


From the Archéosite® d'Aubechies, follow the nodes # 42, 41, 40, 44, 27, 28, 29, 89, 82, 81, 86, 75, 64, 34, 35 and 37.


By the the Archéosite® d'Aubechies:
Rue de l'Abbaye 1Y
7972 Aubechies


Information on the walk




Minimum distance20 Km


Minimum duration2:00


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